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Hotbox 1 Organizer Brick

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Article number: 6.4527


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A trendy eyecatcher for your desk or other workplace. Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers.



Article Number6.4527
Length310 mm
Width180 mm
Heigth135 mm
Weight900 grams
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A trendy eyecatcher for your desk or other workplace. Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers.

What can I expect from the Hotbox 1?

The compact Hotbox 1 brings something fresh to the Hotbox family. Ideal for quick collaborative working in and around any office location, Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers who need to be organised whilst constantly in motion.

Moving from one space to another will be a much easier task - and definitely less stress-inducing. Just a fraction larger than an A4 piece of paper, Hotbox 1 is the first Hotbox to come in a series of block colours – which are all fully recyclable. Available in a spectrum of colours, pink, yellow, blue, white and brick, Hotbox 1 makes a statement when it’s sitting on your desk or in motion around the office.

The packaging for Hotbox 1 has been designed to make it last for longer. Designed to insert straight into your locker, the packaging can be transformed into a box to get the most out of a small space. It keeps your locker organised, so that you don’t have to spend hours tidying it yourself.

Hotbox 1 Brick Image 3
What are the advantages of the Hotbox 1?

- Quickly organized.

- Easy to carry and store.

- Package designed to insert into your locker.

- Trendy organiser.


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