How do we deal with the Corona Virus?

In response to the far-reaching measures taken to prevent further spread of the Corona virus, I would like to inform you with this message how we deal with this.

Fortunately, the virus has not affected any of our employees to date and we would of course like to keep it that way, but we also want to prevent the health of others from possibly being compromised.

The guidelines of the RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and the Environment) therefore form the starting point for our actions.

This means, among other things:

- Until 6 April 2020, we will avoid as many appointments outside the door and at the office as possible. If appointments are planned before that date, we will contact you and schedule a new appointment.

- As long as there are no restrictions under the RIVM guidelines, our company will remain open and we will be available at the usual times.

- Within the company extra attention will be paid to the observance of (personal) hygiene, employees who start showing symptoms of illness during the day will be sent home immediately and reported sick, all this in line with the mentioned guidelines.

- Drivers will be given the opportunity to wash their hands or clean with hand gel after unloading or loading.

Concerning deliveries:

- Orders will be delivered according to agreements made, unless in the material deliveries unforeseen delays occur, understaffing occurs due to sick reports or carriers cannot (anymore) realize their usual driving times.

- If we are unable to meet the agreements made, we will inform you in good time and make new agreements.

- Suppliers are requested to notify us in good time if the delivery of orders is delayed.

We follow developments closely and if circumstances change, we will inform you in good time where necessary.

For questions you can contact Marina Etten (Sales), Hugo klein Tank (Purchasing) and the undersigned.

I wish everyone a lot of health and let's try together to cope with this difficult period!

With kind regards,

Hulshof business cases B.V.
Eric Hulshof