7 0549 Hulshof Business Cases Flexcase Adaptiz Volume
7 0549 Hulshof Business Cases Flex case Adaptiz Volume

Flex and office case - Adaptiz Volume (Ring binder case)

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Article number: 7.0549


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Do you need your ring binders on site and are you looking for a storage system? Our Adaptiz Volume may be the solution.



L x B x H (external dim.)450 x 420 x 505 mm
L x B x H (internal dim.)335 x 335 x 400 mm
Weight5,7 kg
Fasteningsleutelslot, zilvergrijs, 2 x
Can be used forstoring and transporting, among other things, binders
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Do you need your ring binders on site and are you looking for a storage system? Our Adaptiz Volume may be the solution.

What can I expect from this case?

The Adaptiz Volume is a sturdy aluminium ring binder trolley profile case. Thanks to the extra-large wheels and a long trolley the case can easily be moved. You can simply organise your case as you see fit. In this case there is space for no less than four large or six small ring binders.

Accountants and lawyers are very satisfied with our cases, which they use frequently on site when visiting a client or during a session in court. With this convenient case you have all data directly at hand.

The benefits of the Adaptiz Volume:

• ideal for transporting ring binders

• large wheels for ease of transport

• long and sturdy trolley

• compact and simple system

Looking for a similar case but want to add a couple of adjustments?

We can adjust this case for you. Think of a different subdivision, placing your logo on the outside or leaving off the trolley. There are various options to adjust this product to your wishes. Feel free to contact us: [email protected].

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