How does this work?

If one of our standard products from the assortment is not the solution for you, then Hulshof Business Cases has a lot of other options. By listening to your wishes and demands we can produce a customised case. This may range from adjusting a standard product to designing a completely new concept. We always let our knowledge and expertise in the development of a customised bag or case work to your advantage. It may be a very simple trajectory by mounting a different lock or placing a logo on your case. If the development trajectory is more complicated, we will take time to produce a good end product. Structured, with clear decision moments so the processing time and costs are manageable.

Hulshof Business Cases has its own design department. In collaboration with our production department we make the prototypes. This enables us to see at an early stage if the solution we envisaged is the right one. Wherever necessary we can easily make adjustments. As soon as you have approved the prototype we will start production. Everythin will be made in the Netherlands (Lichtenvoorde).

If you want an instruction on site or are looking for a customised solution provided with your own equipment or parts that you have to bring along? Our team will think along with you and we can unburden you in this.

We love to be challenged and like to say to you: challenge us, and let yourself be surprised!